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Parking Lot/Sanctuary
Worship Service 10:00 am

Monday:      GRO, 7 pm
Tuesday:    Rigatoni Drive-Thru Dinner, 4pm 
Sunday:   Parking Lot /Sanctuary Service/                                   Facebook Live 10:00 am

Week of September 19
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We are now holding worship in the sanctuary, in our parking lot on 88.3 FM and live streaming on our Facebook page. Click on the facebook link above right to watch the live broadcast.

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Facebook Live Stream
We are now live-streaming our worship service.  Click on the link to our Facebook page at the top. The live stream broadcast will begin at 10 am. You may join us live or watch the service at your convenience.

Ray Wagner & Anna Joy:
 "God Bless America"
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Drive-Thru Rigatoni Dinner
Tuesday, September 21, 4:00 pm, $7

Memorial service 
for Karl & Alan Bott
July 31, 2021
Applesauce Day
Saturday, August 28
& ​BBQ time
September 10 & 11
"Jesus, What a Beautiful Name"
Frosts & Barnes 8/22/21
Dandy Reds
Jeff, Laurie & Gary begin cutting them up
apple cutters Mark & Sharon Frost
Kenny focuses on the job
Jeff adds the apples to Leslie's roaster
Greg & Ann Gustafson & Jo & Rich Berryman keep cutting
Allison, Paige & Rob Hoskinson help cut
Chris Eisenbraun & Alex Heintzelman keep an eye on the cooking apples
Cathy, Colleen, Leslie, Greg & Ann work the "Squeezo"
Laurie Heintzelman adds the sugar & cinnamon
Profound Revival
Thursday, Sept 9

Construction under way
Finished product!
Cathy, Bill & Sam chop the cabbage
Coleslaw tradition: Jenny & Laurie make the slaw with help from Katey (new trainee)
Pit Set-Up & Coleslaw Day
Labor Day
Profound Revival, 9/9/21
Drive-Thru Rigatoni Dinner
Tuesday, September 21, 4:00 pm, $7

Prepping Coleslaw:  Hube, Cathy & Leslie
Sam sets out plastic ware
Rich on dish washing duty
Russ loads the oven with baked potatoes
Diane oversees prep work
potato prepping with Pat, Jean & Jo
Gary washes the spuds
Sam & Rich take a quick break
Ruth & Laurie work on the applesauce
Cathy & Jo work on coleslaw
Kenny & Gary flip the chicken
Doors are open!
customers enjoy their dinners
the kitchen crew fill the plates, Debbie, Mary Jane, Laurie, Lisa & Bill
Donna, Janet & Jean serve the delicious pies
3 generations of chicken grillers: Chris, Jack & Jeff Eisenbraun